Why We Don’t Accept Payments On Delivery

Dear customer, we would like to inform you why we do not accept the cash on delivery method (cash on delivery). Our company works in close collaboration with suppliers and end customers, committed to offering an efficient and high-quality service.

The nature of our business model, which involves a close direct relationship between suppliers and end customers, does not allow us to introduce cash on delivery. As intermediaries in the process, adopting this payment method would entail additional logistical and administrative complexities. These complications could affect the fluidity and efficiency of our service, aspects that we consider fundamental to the satisfaction of our customers.

Furthermore, the introduction of cash on delivery would require adequate verification and management of associated risks, which could negatively impact our ability to maintain competitive prices and quality service . Our priority is to ensure maximum transparency and security in transactions, which is why we rely on advance and verifiable payment methods.

We are aware that cash on delivery may be preferred by some customers, but we believe that the choice to exclude this method is in the best interests of our customers, ensuring processes that are more streamlined, secure and beneficial to everyone. We thank you for your understanding and are always available for further clarification.

To offer a safe and reliable alternative, we accept payments via credit card, including Visa and Mastercard. These payments are processed through Stripe, an industry-leading payment platform, thus guaranteeing 100% security in transactions. The safety of our customers and the protection of their data are of the utmost importance to us.

Kind regards,
The Sneakers House Team